Thank you for using Shorty and HubFile, together the “Sunato Surface-Hub-Apps”, in short “our Apps”. In the following section we explain how we collect, use and handle your information when using our Apps.

Your Data – in general

Our Apps use Microsoft Azure as a base of our backend services. The security of Azure is explained here: Azure Security.

Our Apps are designed to deliver your files (Documents) to a Surface Hub device. They each consist of Windows Universal App (UWP) that runs on the Surface Hub device plus a backend service (Backend Service). The Backend Service consists of a webservice plus a database to

  • Collect, process and store the Documents that are to be uploaded on the Surface Hub device,
  • secure that only authorized users can access their Documents,
  • store configuration details of the Surface Hub device that runs our App, to provide you with the best user experience,
  • store information that is needed to secure that only licensed companies can use our Apps.
  • collect statistics around the usage of the subscriptions and licenses.

The Backend Service always uses https communication.

Below we list, which of our Apps store Documents in Azure and if this is mandatory or optional.  Documents that are stored in Azure are always encrypted. Data stored on Microsoft Azure may be stored anywhere in the world on any Microsoft Data Center.

Data we use

Our Apps are designed to deliver your Documents to a Surface Hub device. To do so, they need to process and store some data. Our Apps use this data (Data):

Configuration information

  • The device ID of the Surface Hubs on which you deploy our Apps.
  • The language setting that you select in the settings menu of our Apps.

Account information

  • Name, address, phone number, e-mail, mail-domain and payment info of the company, in which our Apps are installed, and its contact person

Document information

Shorty stores this information from users who send mails to Shorty (Sender):

  • Mailaddress of the Sender
  • Mailattachments (Documents)

Usage of Shorty

Your Documents

If you use Shorty as a demo version, your Documents are always stored in a Sunato Azure tenant. When purchasing Shorty, you can decide

  • if the Backend Service shall run in a dedicated Azure tenant, that we create and manage for you and thus have access to your data or
  • if the Backend Service shall run completely on premise, meaning that the backend service runs in an infrastructure that you provide, manage, controll (“your infrastructure”).

When using Shorty, the user will be provided with a PIN to access his Documents on the Surface Hub device. When you give this PIN to anyone else, you automatically agree to give consent to a 3rd party to get access your Documents. We are not, in any way, responsible for something that is shared in this way. If you shared a PIN by mistake or, if you shared a PIN with a 3rd party and you decide not to share it anymore, please contact us immediately at

Usage of HubFile

Your Documents

HubFile Backend Service always runs in your infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is not used for Document storage. The Backend Service is managed by you. We do not have access to your Documents.

Data Retention

Data will be retained on Azure for the duration of the subscription plus one month.

Documents that are sent to Shorty will be retained for the duration of the rentention policy implemented in Shorty on your behalf. Documents sent to the Shorty Demo Version are stored for 30 days.


You are fully responsible of the data you send to or upload with our Apps. If you witness any kind of misbehaviour, misconduct or misuse of this data, it is your responsibility to contact us immediately at If this happens, we reserve the rights to deactivate a product key at any time.

Privacy Changes

As we want to continue to provide you with the best possible service, we can change the Privacy Policy at any time and we will inform you (via email or through our website) when this happens.


Have questions or concerns about us, our Services and privacy? Contact us at